Deep Green

Deep Green

Deep Green is a beautiful and elegant iPhone OS chess application for the casual player.

Playing chess has never been such a pleasant experience. On any platform. Enjoy the beautifully rendered graphics and animations in a simplistic and powerful user interface. Read more…

Cocoa Stuff

Cocoa Stuff is the brand under which I live out my passion for developing software on the world’s greatest computing platforms, iPhone OS and Mac OS X. It’s where I strive to create applications of power and great simplicity. Simplicity being the sum of elegance (how it works) and beauty (how it looks).

The first result of my labour is the popular chess application, Deep Green, which I carried over from my 10 years older version on another great platform, the Newton OS.

More quality Cocoa stuff will be added over time. Make sure to subscribe to my low-traffic blog to receive updates in the future. Read more…

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